Complete Brand Identity: ShurTrax

ShurTraxSealPak Innovations developed a simple, easy to use way of adding traction to any car or truck. They wanted to launch into retail sales but their new invention needed an identity. After much discussion and homework about what purpose the product served and how to best describe it, the client and I arrived at a short list of names. Surtax was picked as the most descriptive brand name with a "cool" factor appealing to auto enthusiasts. 

The first art project was developing a logo and gearing it toward the target audience of men 18-35. After the look was nailed down, I recommended a tagline that would reinforce the look while further explaining the product's purpose.

Next came packaging. The first ideas centered on a stock image of vehicles in heavy traction situations. These layouts were revised with original photography emphasizing the product. Final revisions eliminated all but the hint of a vehicle focusing on the product for the hero shot and adding art to indicate how much traction weight would be safely added. Since ShurTrax would be marketed in both the U.S. and Canada, layout planning had to include French translations.

Along the way, business cards, letterheads, envelopes and forms were developed. Then came advertisements. The ads were two pronged targeting distributors and the general public. The look would stay the same, just copy would be written for one audience or the other. Ads introducing ShurTrax were created for the first year then, after the product was established, ads reflecting positive reviews, rebates and general brand reinforcement were developed. The ads ran in a number of national publications, Trucking', Truck Trend, Peterson's 4 Wheel and Off Road and the like. For the public, POP displays and special order forms were created for Advance Auto and Trade Show Graphics for the product's promotion at SEMA.