Client: Moore's School of Music, University of Houston
Annual Saxophone Competition
Houston Underground
web page banner
Houston Underground
Houston Underground
T shirt
Houston Underground
Houston Underground
merchandise table
Menu before and after
Mr. B's Pizza and Wings table signage
Client: Tim Kellogg Photography
Annual charity Auction

This is an example of a menu redesign I did. The “before” is what the client had. The old menu had a cheap feel to it as it consisted of nothing more than a list and some bad clip art.
You can see some of the handwritten notes on their sample.

The “after” is my redesign where I bought props which I photographed, used some quality stock images and got the client to supply high resolution photos of their dishes. People like to see what they’re ordering and it made a big difference engaging the customer. The layout has an old world feel testifying to the authenticity of the food and reflects the quality of the customer experience while dining.

This beer card is part of the on premises signage I created for Mr. B’s Pizza and Wings. Other signage included menu cards and daily specials. The background art for each piece was also used on their table tops.

Each year, photographer Tim Kellogg photographs bands for the 93.3 Summer Kickoff in San Diego. The photos are later arranged in a poster that is matted, framed, signed by the musicians, and cautioned off for charity. Tim commissioned me to create this year’s poster.

Client: Historic American Parts Company (HAPCO)
Photo retouching sample
Creating ads often requires retouching photography. Here’s an example of a supplied photo that required a number of touch ups for a recent magazine ad. You can see in the “Before” part there are several hot spots (white light blowouts) in the photo: the tractor hood, fender, foot rest, exhaust and chrome wheels. I also brightened the dial face and the right side of the gas pump. Plus, I did an overall color balance as the photo was heavy on the yellow overall. If you need some ads created or photos retouched, give me a shout.